Every Blogger or Youtuber of the space gaming genre must write about their personal feelings around Star Citizen.

I am certainly no different to all of them. Even if I do not feel part of the gang entirely.

Lately, I’ve read a lot about Star Citizen and how this game is taking a piss of the gamers who are willing to spend hard earned money just to stuff the pockets of Mr. Roberts.

Different guys and galls, personalities and The Names of the gaming world dancing all over the CIG, to wave the flag of the financial scam. Funny chaps such as Derek Smart (smart – LOL) wasting time to write hundreds of Twitter posts just to state obvious: they do hate an idea of the Star Citizen being finished and become a fully grown up game.

Let me just analyze with my simpleton brain of the statistically boring gamer who did spend the whole £43 to play Star Citizen. I believe that due to spending my money I am entitled to express my opinion.

I think the good starting point for my rant is that nobody forced me to spend my money. I was also completely aware that the game is in deep alpha state and not so much playable. I can see it, which seems to be mission impossible for the guys like Derek. The difference between two of us is that I do want Star Citizen to be finished one day, but I also not going to run with pitchfork and torches around if CIG is not going to finish this game before the end of my life.

The Dereks Smarts of this world forgetting about one thing and one thing only: sometimes what is important, is not the end product. It is the IDEA, the feeling of the participation in something big and unusual. Dereks Smarts forgot about this amazing feeling of belonging long time ago. Probably due to failing own projects, not being able to see behind own jealousy or simply due to the lack of imagination.

I can imagine it is much easier to accuse Chris Roberts to be a scamer, cheating on more than 2 millions of the players than to admit that there is a vision behind the man and actually more than 2 million people could see it while you could not. This is why I unfollowed Mr Smart on Twitter. He is not evolving and therefore missing whole the excitement of the developing project which in my humble opinion, will define open world gaming. And this will happen regardless if we will see the final product being done or not. Perhaps if he could develop something for himself, it could help, but it seems Smarts projects are not entirely successful…

Also, we can talk about money. There are critics of the Star Citizen and CIG model saying that players money are taken in the huge excess to fund the unfinished project and potentially being wasted by Chris Roberts. This is a very strong and bold statement. Certainly going smoothly into the ears of those who would like to join pitchfork and torches project run by Smart. I am sure, for those who like a good rant about CIG funding, it would be a total surprise or even not acceptable as the spheric world to flat-earthers: there are other games which are funded similar way and giving much less in return comparing to the Star Citizen.

Let’s just start from Dual Universe where currently access to the Alpha game is priced 120 euros which translates to £107 with today’s exchange.

Every Star Citizen player knows that £107 would buy them at least Cutlass Black with the hangar, insurance and access to whatever you can currently do in the persistent universe. For Dereks Smarts this is called scam.

So how shall I call Dual Universe offer for the same money? The list of the offered in-game objects there is impressive indeed although it is good to know that Alpha 1 servers which players can access by spending 120 euros are not even open yet. But anybody can access pre-alpha servers once a week or so if they will pay 180 euros which are £161. How does it compare to the ability to play daily in Star Citizen, even if this means patchy moments, FPS drops etc. (such is alpha tester life)

I am sure Derek Smart would write around 1000 Twitter posts about scam in the Dual Universe if, for any reason, he would decide to have the grudge against developers there. But he does not like only Chris Roberts for the reasons widely described by many.

Another example? Just one more because this is sort of the waste of time, as I am not going convince anybody. No Man’s Sky then. One could say – nothing to do with Star Citizen etc. I can agree to disagree. It is a very good example. Let’s just remind you how NMS started. Big hype: game of all possibilities, you can do whatever you want, fly wherever you want and join anybody you ant in the open, online world. One shard of course!

So the people spent money. About £50 at the beginning as I remember just to open the game which was about 5% of the promise given to them prior to the release.

Also, it is less than I’ve received for my money spent on the Star Citizen when I bought my starter pack. There is very big relativity in the perception of what is right and what is wrong when people are spending money.

I believe initially NMS was the biggest scam in the space gaming history although after nearly 2 years this is probably not the case anymore. Just take a look at all those screenshots to from the game, multiplayer features, always changing world full of missions and things to do. This is very clear proof that there is no such thing like 100% right judgment. Unless you are sour guy such as Smart and his like-minded minions I guess.

So many times I was disappointed with so many projects. This includes Star Citizen. But also Elite Dangerous with their grindy system of doing nothing but pushing another mission and making another space jump. Still playing this one by the way. As well as EVE Online – I guess you do not want me to start how many issues this game has.

The thing is that I am always playing and paying to play willingly. Nobody is forcing me. And I can always withdraw. I just choose to be positive about ideas such as Star Citizen. I strongly believe that the idea I can see in this project is much more tempting than just seeing the finished product. I think, I really like to observe the evolution. And I do not mind to sponsor it from time to time. It is the free world after all.

All this writing made me think about playing NMS. Yes, I did spend money to buy it and then I was disappointed to see how poor quality game I bought. But it looks it was worth to spend that money and wait until today to enjoy it. NMS looks amazing now. And plays nice.

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