I was thinking a lot how should I start the story of the SpaceGamer.

To be honest, I didn’t come up with anything remotely original or amazing. So there it is – the beginning.

SpaceGamer – unknown to wide player base

Indeed, I am not one of those well-known bloggers/ streamers/ YouTubers spreading the wisdom of gaming and sprinkling it on the heads of the players.

And I do not know everything to not say – I know nothing. More or less, I cannot tell you which ship is the best, which mission will give you the best profit or how to grind to the highest rank without moving your finger.

Also, I am not really in liberty to play any of the games for 12 to 15 hours per day. I am really sorry about that. I have the family and reasonably good job which pays my bills. For this reason, I am so called “Gaming Dad”: the poor soul who loves gaming but cannot afford to play more than an hour in the working week and another 4 to 5 during the weekends.

So now you know:

I am not really the Pro-Gamer

I am sure my gaming skills are average. I can dogfight in my ships and sometimes not die. I can do the trading and earn some credits and certainly, I can explore as this is reasonably safe and relaxing which is an amazing perk after a day at work with my current state of anxiety.

Did I disappoint you completely by now or at least you are rising your eyebrow asking “What the fuck is this guy about. Knowing shit and writing blog about the gaming”… Yep, that is exactly what I am going to do now.

And also to make you aware. I do not possess one of those RGB loaded, water-cooled double of triple 1080TI machines with plenty of SSD’s and DDR4’s.

My PC (which apparently is still able to pull the weight on full settings) consists of:

i5 intel CPU and this is ye olde Haswell

Asus Maximus Ranger VII MoBo


GTX 1060 6GB GPU

I am posh though as all my games are running from Samsung EVO 860 SSD drives.

And I have quite nice 32″ monitor running on 2560×1440 settings.

That is it!

I will be writing the blog about the gaming

But without Pro-Gaming bullshit

Bloody I-Know-It-All chaps and galls spending 90% of their life gaming or talking about the gaming drive me mad. Mainly because I am jealous but also because smartass preaching is not really what I like when I am asking for the simple answers.

Let’s face it. The reality is that probably about 75% of us are not those guys, playing games and having nothing better to do. I do not know what is your feeling but honestly, after a shitty day at work, I do not expect another preacher telling my how SHOULD I do things and how I suck comparing to them.

So I have decided to do it somehow different. I will just write about how I am playing and how sometimes it is not working for me.

I will also do one more thing. Personally, I think that the most significant difference between space MMO’s like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, EVE or even No Man’s Sky, and other games is actually the beauty of the gameplay and the feeling of unknown.

You see, I love the photography. In-Game photography and for sure I’ll make sure a lot of it will be on this website. I hope you will enjoy!

To not freak you out entirely and make you think I am out of my mind, I do have some basic gaming skills. I am player for about 20 years now and gaming blogger for another 5. I am currently associated with GameSkinny, writing for the standard “5 best things” mini-articles.

Now. Let me sort out a couple of things. Take my family for the walk and cup of coffee and I will start to write about my miserable in-game experience.

Yours truly,


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